every city tells a story……..

You can do it.

We all have our mottos for the hard part of a run, when we need a little psychological boast-chant-mantra.  Mine has always been “You can do it” as if I am a cheerleader, on the side lines cheering for someone else.  “You can do it”, like the little engine that could.  You can do it, you can do it, as lungs feels as if they might explode.  Just a few miles longer, you can do it.   And then I did.  Endorphins pumping, finished line crossed!

For my business, I have been re-branding myself-  new logo, new business name, new attitude.  It feels good, like shedding a skin but odd and unsettling too.  As I circled around my one mile loop of Strawberry Hill, I found myself thinking “I can do it, I can do it”!  The “you” of my mantra has miraculously transformed into the “I” that is me.  That’s a sign of something certainly, and I believe that something is good.  🙂



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