every city tells a story……..


Greetings! my name is Donna Schumacher and I am the “d” in deTourist.  I am an architect and long distance runner in San Francisco where I live.   As architect, I am the owner and the entire staff of  X: architecture/Art.  (   As runner, I took up long distance running in 2008 with my first half marathon when I was 51.  Running has become a long awaited mentor: insisting on perseverance, thriving on consistency and staying open to the possibility that everything just might work out after all.  Plus, it’s super fun!

deTourist focuses on my experiences as a runner.   Running is the perfect means to explore cities and discover the hidden stories that are right under our feet.

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  1. Greaton Friend says:

    Hey De,

    I LOVE it! This blog, and the fact that you are writing about your running experience, blening it with reflections about art. I don’t think that the design is bad at all. What matters more is that the reader wants to keep on reading. And you are writing so well! So, keep it up, I am already looking forward to your next entry.

    Your greaton friend

  2. Saul says:

    Yay Donna!

  3. ssdarch says:

    This is important information to be writing about. It’s like oral history cum walkabout. Congratulations!

  4. Bill says:


    Great little gems!


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